Orange I Spy Monster

Orange I Spy Monster

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I spy with my little eye..... is the perfect distraction or time filler for kids. Easy to take along and a perfect sensory game to use in the car, on a plane, in a restaurant, or at church.

The idea is to hunt for the different trinkets inside the monster by looking through the clear window and pushing the rice aside until you find the hidden object.


  • Each bag is filled with rice
  • 12 buttons/trinkets are inside the monster that the kids need to find
  • A laminated card with the associated trinkets inside the monster has been provided, for the children to use as a reference.


  • 6" x 8.5"


  • Age - 5 years and above.
  • Little trinkets shown in the photo will vary from monster to monster, depending on whats available.

!!! Caution!!! This toy should not be played with by children who chew on their toys. Children could chew a hole in the felt or window enabling small items to come out that could lead to a choking hazard.